Virtual Business Card

Your business card should be
more than a business card

Create an elegant contactless virtual business card with privacy control.

Be Yourself

Your Style

Only micro site that is available in many beautiful templates which you can customize according to your need and your page can be shared using QR-Code and unique link.

Your Identity

You can add a company website, Social media links, profile photo, background image, and even a contact form. your client can fill up that contact form to connect with you, which will be delivered to you at your registered email address.

Your Growth

You can also add some Action buttons which can be used for purposes like appointment scheduling, accepting payment, showing your new podcast, portfolio or youtube video, etc.


  • Virtual Business Card
  • Micro Site
  • Vanity Url
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Form
  • Action Buttons
  • Alert Bar
  • QR-Code Sharing
  • Privacy
  • Your business card is always in your phone
  • Create your branded micro site
  • Add your social media accounts and contact info
  • Receive email witout exposing your email id.
  • Add Action Buttons that matters you most
  • Show important updates to your visitors.
  • Share url wiith QR-Code
  • Don't share email address on open internet, better share url.

It's now easier to connect with

Micro Site

Everything that matters most.

It's a complete microsite:

  • add contact info
  • receive messages
  • set portfolio link
  • receive payments
Virtual Business Card

Your Business card in your phone

It's now easy to create, modify and share your business card. And now exchange business card without touching anything, anyone.


Start for free and upgrade only if you need pro features

It's Free
with 1 form and limited features, it's good for starter.


$3.9/month *
5 forms
use pro templates
change username
Receive Verified Messages
QR Code Sharing
* VAT may be applicable based on your country

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